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Academy – the facts

Expleo has been delivering training solutions since 1994. As the leading niche Testing and Quality Assurance training company we also publish our perspective and experience through whitepapers and books. Through this partnership we enable our client organisations to build mission-critical applications that are reliable and efficient.

  1. Increasingly complex projects and software.
    The days when software was simply “tested” are gone. Systems are becoming increasingly complex. Almost everything in our daily lives is supported by software. More and more systems are interconnected and new technologies are appearing every day.
  2. Research and development of methods and techniques within Expleo.
    Precisely because of the ever-increasing complexity of projects and software, Expleo focused on research and further development of methods, standards and techniques from an early stage. Internal departments were created just to deal with these issues and to train our staff. This meant that Expleo was always “one step ahead”.

Then, 20 years ago, we found that our clients did not only want to make use of our services in their projects. The first training blocks for clients appeared. The need to transfer knowledge between the projects increased. Out of the small department that held some 10–15 training courses a year in the late 1990s, the Expleo Academy was born; this now operates all over the world and welcomes more than 5,300 people a year to its courses. And the trend is rising.

The Academy will strive to support our clients’ current and future needs by evolving our knowledge and expertise of the industry combined with progressive delivery expertise.

Our Approach

The key to the success of our training programmes is present in our development and delivery methodology. We develop our courseware based on adult learning theories, sound instructional design and progressive research in fields such as Neuroscience. The content and exercises evolve to match developments in technology and business requirements. We leverage technology when and where it makes sense, to improve learning and retention.

Thought Leadership

Steeped in over 30 years of experience, we have a lot that we want to share with you. Every year we publish a book entitled “Systems and Software Quality” along with timely whitepapers that address the latest thoughts and best practices on testing and quality assurance. Every quarter we deliver a Videocast that highlights recent perspectives and findings in the industry.

Why should you entrust your training requirements to us?

Our greatest asset, the people who make up Expleo, are passionate about learning and teaching. Our instructors are all active in the business and divide their time between teaching and consulting. As you know, testing and QA methodologies are constantly evolving and therefore it’s only right that our clients should be taught by experts in the field, sharing real stories and timely scenarios from up-to-date experiences. Our delegate exam pass rates are consistently high, leading to very welcome repeat business from satisfied clients. We constantly seek feedback on our instructors’ performance from our clients and this ensures that our excellent standards are upheld and improved.

We have developed and registered a proprietary test management process, PractiQ, which supports globally known standards such as ISTQB®. Not only do we follow this approach in our client engagements, but also, when it makes sense, we integrate it into our training programmes so that our clients have both the techniques and methodologies they need to drive their projects at the optimum level.

We are thought leaders in the testing and quality management space. In our service management labs we continuously research new technologies and develop new processes and methodologies. We also share this knowledge through our thought leadership channels of white papers, books and videocasts, incorporating them into the important learning experience.

To better serve your needs, we have an extensive schedule of public courses and also deliver standard and bespoke onsite solutions.

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