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Instructors have to meet certain requirements. Of course, the basis is functional or technical knowledge acquired not only from theory but also from practical experience. Other requirements include an aptitude for teaching – so boredom never has a chance – and the ability to motivate participants with variety. 

To become a trainer at Expleo, you have to meet precisely these requirements. Before starting a career in training, the instructors pass through a multi-stage train-the-trainer programme, in which they not only learn moderation techniques and methods but also see what topics can be presented and how.

A fully qualified instructor must also be let out into the day-to-day project world at regular intervals, to keep in touch with practice and apply any newly developed methods and techniques and then share this experience in the courses.

At Expleo, we know the market, understand the need and can identify with our clients. Our instructors themselves have excellent functional, technical and methodological training and can get their point across at all levels. More than 5,300 participants each year cannot be wrong.

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