Do you provide early-bird discounts and until when are these valid?

Our early-bird discount is available on many courses if you book and pay more than 8 weeks before the course begins.

What time does my course start?

Unless otherwise agreed, Registration for Expleo courses begin at 09:15 on the first day and finish at 17:00.
Subsequent start/finish times are discussed and agreed with the trainer on day 1.

Is there any pre-reading I need to do before I start the course?

If pre-reading is required prior to attendance of any course, Expleo Academy will contact the delegates involved and provide full details.

Are course materials given out before the course starts?

Course manuals are given out on the first day of training and are not available in advance.

Do I need to bring anything to the course (computer etc)?

Expleo Academy provide delegates with pens, notepads and, if required, a laptop. All certification courses require you to bring photo ID on exam day. Please ensure you meet the pre-requisites for your particular course and make sure to turn up on time and willing to immerse yourself in the Academy experience!

When do I need to pay for my course?

Company invoices are issued upon booking confirmation, our terms are 30 days net unless otherwise agreed. Private and international clients are encouraged to pay by debit/credit card and always in advance of training.

Is the exam price included in the cost of the course?

The cost of the exams are included in the course fees stated on the website. Please refer to individual course records or our price list for more details.

Can I get extra time for my exam?

You can request 25% extra time if English is not your native language. You will need to request additional time directly with the exam provider in advance and provide evidence (for example a passport copy) to the invigilator on the day of the exam.

What happens if I fail my exam?

There are two ways you can re-sit your ISTQB® exam:

  • At Expleo Academy at the next scheduled exam, subject to availability.
  • Online with, at an authorised Pearson Vue Test Centre. With a Pearson Vue voucher (available to Expleo Academy course attendees only) you can arrange to re-sit the exam at a time that is convenient for you, and receive results straight away. Please contact us with your full name and details of the course /date attended to request a Pearson Vue voucher.
Both options will incur an exam fee

How much does a re-sit cost?

Each exam is priced differently. Contact us for assistance.

Can I book an exam if I haven’t taken the course with Expleo?

Unfortunately, we only offer exams to those who attend training courses with Expleo Academy.

The scheduled exam times don’t work for me, can I take the exam somewhere else?

As an alternative, you could opt for a Pearson Vue voucher, which you would use to take the exam online at at an Authorised Pearson Vue Test Centre. With a Pearson Vue voucher, you can sit the exam at any time that is convenient for you, and get your results straight away. Please contact us to request a Pearson Vue voucher.

Who provides the invoice for the exam?

Please refer to individual course records or our price list for more details.

What set-up requirements do I need to take a Global Virtual Learning Course?

In order to attend the workshop, you will need a minimum set-up that includes the following:

  • A quiet, comfortable place to work
    You will need a quiet, comfortable workspace, including a comfortable chair, plenty of light and privacy.
  • A computer
    If you're using a laptop, make sure that is plugged into the mains - don't rely on your batteries. You need a minimum of 256 MB of RAM, but we would recommend a minimum of 1 GB and preferably more than that. You will also need a browser to connect to the software, and a good sound card.
  • Fast Internet Connection
    You will also need fast broadband connection to the Internet. As a participant, you need a fast download speed, upload isn’t as important. You can check your broadband connection speeds, with various free programs that you can find on the Internet. Try Your Internet connection should be hard wired via a LAN connection, or Ethernet cable. These are preferable, as a wireless connection can cause the sound to drop in and out.
  • High-quality headset
    A high-quality headset is a must. This is often a neglected part of online classroom events, but it can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful session. If the quality of the sound is poor, the learners will soon switch off. So get the best quality headset you can - they are not expensive and are worth every penny.

Will I get a placement after I take training at Expleo?

While the Expleo Academy does not directly offer placements, Expleo is always on the look-out for talented professionals. Find out more at our Careers Page.

Can Expleo help me find a job after I complete my training?

While the Expleo Academy cannot help you find a job after you complete you training, we suggest you look at our Careers Page and search our Vacancies listings.

Where will the training take place?

London courses are generally held at at Expleo Group, 7-11 Moorgate, London EC2R 6AF. Please contact us if you require further details of our other venues prior to booking.

Can you recommend hotels close to the training venue?

Expleo Academy recommends the following nearby hotels:

  • Travelodge City Road
  • Travelodge Liverpool Street
  • Hotel Ibis London City
  • Club Quarters Hotel
  • Hotel Express By Holiday Inn London City