A 3 days course including examination.

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Expleo Academy’s BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis course provides attendees with a broad understanding of the role, responsibilities, tools and techniques of the Business Analyst.

This 3-day Foundation course is administered by BCS-accredited professional trainers with a depth of experience in business analysis roles. The training delivery approach includes collaborative accelerated learning activities, exam-style practice questions, and trainer-led teaching that gives you the opportunity to prepare for the BCS Foundation Certificate exam. Attendees are supplied with course notes and references for optional additional reading.

Course Objectives

On completion of Business Analysis Foundation course, delegates will:

·       recognise the scope, skills and competencies required of the business analyst role

·       recall a business analysis process model that can be used as a framework for delivery of the role

·       understand how a business strategy is developed

·       know approaches to stakeholder identification, analysis, management, and perspectives

·       be able to choose optimal investigation and modelling techniques for given problem situations

·       know the key elements of gap analysis and business case development

·       recognise a framework for requirements engineering and solution delivery

Course Outline

What is Business Analysis?

·       The origins and development of business analysis

·       Taking a holistic approach

·       The role and responsibilities of a business analyst

The competencies of a Business Analyst

·       Personal Qualities, Business knowledge, and Professional techniques

·       The development of competencies

Strategy Analysis

·       The context for strategy

·       The definition and development of strategy

·       External and Internal environment analysis

·       SWOT analysis and Executing strategy

The Business Analysis Process Model

·       An approach to problem-solving

·       Stages, Objectives, Procedures, and Techniques of the business analysis process model

Investigation Techniques

·       Interviews, Observation, Workshops, Scenarios, Prototyping, Quantitative approaches

·       Documenting the current situation

Stakeholder Analysis and Management

·       Stakeholder categories and identification

·       Analysing and managing stakeholders

·       Understanding stakeholder perspectives

·       Business activity models

Modelling Business Processes

·       Organisational context and alternative view

·       The organisational view of business processes

·       Value propositions

·       As-is and To-be Process models

·       Improving business processes

Defining the solution


Making a Business and Financial Case

·       The business case in the project lifecycle

·       Identifying options and assessing feasability

·       Structure of a business case

·       Cost/Benefit analysis and Investment appraisal

Establishing the Requirements

·       A framework for requirements engineering

·       Actors in requirements engineering

·       Requirements elicitation, analysis, and validation

Documenting and Managing the Requirements

·       The requirements document

·       The requirements catalogue

·       Managing requirements

Modelling Requirements

·       Modelling system functions

·       Modelling system data

Delivering the Requirements

·       Delivering the solution

·       Context and Lifecycles

Delivering the Business Solution

·       BA role in the business change lifecycle

·       Design, Implementation, and Realisation stages

Exam details:

This syllabus has an accompanying 1-hour examination that the candidate must pass to gain the BCS Foundation

Certificate in Business Analysis. This certificate is one of the four modules needed to gain the internationally recognised
BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.


There are no prerequisites but students are advised that the course covers a range of topics from each chapter of the BCS Business Analysis, Paul, Yeates & Cadle (3rd edition). At a minimum, students will be expected to have read chapter 4 of this book, and to be familiar with the content of the book’s other chapters and be familiar with the BCS course syllabus available: https://www2.bcs.org/certifications/ba/business-analysis-foundation-certificate


Recommended Follow-on courses

Related courses leading to the BCS Business Analysis Diploma:

·       BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering

·       BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

·       BCS Certificate in  Modelling Business Processes

Who should attend

The certificate is relevant to anyone requiring a general understanding or introduction to Business Analysis, including business analysts, business managers and their staff, business change managers and project managers.