A two day course (UK) or three day course (IRE) including examination.

  • 19 October
    3 days, 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
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  • 7 December
    3 days, 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
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Expleo Academy’s BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes provides attendees with the knowledge and toolkit required to identify, model and improve organisational business processes.

This collaborative Practitioner course is delivered by BCS-accredited professional trainers with real-world experience of business process modelling and analysis.

Attendees will learn industry standard notation, techniques for modelling and measuring processes, and for identifying process improvement. The training delivery approach includes collaborative group activities, case study analysis, and an opportunity to practice process modelling with the benefit of trainer feedback. Attendees are supplied with course notes about business process modelling techniques, with references for further reading.

Course Objectives

On completion of Modelling Business Processes course, delegates will be able to:
  • Understand the context for business process modelling
  • Identify and model core business processes at an organisation level
  • Identify and model business processes at the process level
  • Identify the events that trigger the business processes
  • Identify the outcomes from the business processes
  • Model the actors, tasks, and process flows that comprise a business process
  • Analyse the tasks within a business process
  • Identify the business rules applied within tasks
  • Analyse the performance issues of individual tasks
  • Identify the performance measures applied within a business process
  • Analyse and improve business processes

Course Outline

The context for business process modelling

  • The purpose of business process modelling
  • Process for business process modelling
  • Approaches to business process modelling
  • The hierarchy of business processes
  • Differences between the process view and the functional view of an organisation
  • Advantages of the process view

Organisational model of processes

  • Strategic context for business processes
  • Relationships between processes, including those at the same level and between levels of hierarchy
  • Building an organisational view of processes
  • Delivering value to customers and the value proposition

Modelling the business processes

  • Selected business process modelling technique
  • Modelling as-is business processes
  • Events that trigger business processes
  • The outcomes from business processes
  • Timelines for business processes

Documenting tasks

  • Identifying tasks
  • Documenting steps to complete the tasks
  • Documenting business rules
  • Task performance measures

Evaluating and improving business processes

  • Identifying problems with the as-is business processes
  • Analysing the process flow
  • Analysing the handoffs
  • Analysing the tasks
  • Staff performance issues
  • Challenging the business rules
  • Modelling the to-be business processes
  • Approaches to business process improvement


  • Integration of business process modelling and requirement     definition
  • Implementation issues

Exam Preparation

  • Sample Exam Paper Practice and feedback

Who should attend

This certification course is relevant to anyone requiring an understanding of Business Process Modelling, including Business Analysts, Business Managers and their staff, Business Change Managers and Project Managers. It is also relevant to the following roles:

Quality Manager, Test Manager, Requirements Engineer, Functional Tester, User Acceptance Tester,  Performance Test Specialist.


There are no course prerequisites, however students will have been expected to have reviewed chapter 7 and 8 of the BCS publication BCS Business Analysis, Paul, Yeates & Cadle (3rd Edition). Attendees should also be familiar with the BCS course syllabus available at https://www2.bcs.org/certifications/ba/modelling-business-processes

Recommended Follow-on courses

Related courses leading to the BCS Business Analysis Diploma:
  • BCS Requirements Engineering
  • BCS Business Analysis Practice
  • BCS Business Analysis Foundation Level


Exam details:
This syllabus has an accompanying 1 hour 15min examination that the candidate must pass to gain the BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes. This certificate is one of the four modules needed to gain the internationally-recognised BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.