The aim of this one day workshop is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to gather, write, and prioritise effective and accurate User Stories.

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A User Story is a description, in everyday business language, that captures what a user needs to do as part of their job function. It is written from the perspective of the user. User Stories can facilitate requirements management within Agile software development methodologies.

This workshop provides an overview of the Agile framework, what User Stories are, and how they can be used. Participants will explore the use of various techniques, such as Role Modelling, The 3 C’s, and INVEST criteria, through both theory and practice.

Completion of this workshop will provide a basis for launching an Agile requirements management practice within your own working environment. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the benefits of an Agile Framework
  • Implement effective User Story writing techniques I
  • Identify next steps for implementing an Agile approach to requirements management 

Course Outline

This one day workshop covers:

  • Communication Breakdown
  • Why User Stories… and Why Not
  • What User Stories Are… and Are Not
  • User Role Modelling
  • Tools for managing User Stories
  • Techniques for writing User Stories
  • Criteria for writing even better User Stories
  • Practice on your Case Study
  • Develop your own Practice 

Recommended Follow-on courses

  • ICAgile Certified Agile Fundamentals
  • Certified Scrum Developer


There are no specific prerequisites for this course.However, previous experience in software development life cycle is recommended.

Who should attend

Anyone who intends writing or using User Stories. Business Analysts, Project Managers, Product Owners, Test and Quality Specialists.