At Expleo Academy, our Instructors are highly experienced educators and mentors with years of teaching and consulting engagements under their belts. Our instructors are continually reviewed and assessed by our most critical audience; our clients, both external and internal! Our instructors’ knowledge is acquired not only from theory, but also from practical experience in the real project world as consultants in the field.

To become an accredited instructor at Expleo, you are a subject matter expert with proven training and classroom management skills, using up to date techniques and tools. Before delivering training with Expleo, irrespective of your previous experience, you embark on an instructor onboarding programme. This includes a Train-the-Trainer workshop, course attendance, multi instructor observation, shadowing and co-teaching. Our instructors’ skills and knowledge are constantly updated, incorporating changing market demands and best practice. Quality is absolutely key!

More than 5,300 participants each year cannot be wrong.